Testing WordPress WP-VR-VIEW plugin

Hi, I’ve just found this wordpress plugin from Alexander Tumanov which permits to visualize your hosted panos.
Let test it there for some still pictures of mines:

Well, it seems to do its job but no zoom on your view,
nor heading choice (while mine have xmp photosphere datas);
No problem in full screen ; but forget to put hotspots ;
Nevertheless it’s an « easy install » nice plugin for simple cases.
To compare with direct google services you can go on my google+ page :
FabKzo on Google +

Example of 360° 4k video with 3d integration

I’m able today to use equirectangular panos for video and photosimulations.
Not only aimed to street views, pro photographers, hdri maps for renderings or games, those 360 panos can be used to produce high quality videomontages.
To get the right scale and topo you have to produce a conformal spherical view, with a horizon error < 0.05 degrees.
It has been georeferenced with a real topo grid; you can use the srtm if you want but it can be done with almost 5 points.
I made this really quick sequence with blender 2.76 , make it loop or pause it to navigate.

PS: Visualize it with chrome browser to display 360 video effect.

Opensource panorama viewer: Panovisu 1.3

Nowadays opensource alternatives for html5 panorama viewing are at least  2: Pannellum and Panovisu !

Panovisu results of a Frenchs initiative  : not only it displays your  equirectangular or cubic panos, but you can make a complete VR tour with its java editor !

You’ll need a very recent java installation on your computer to launch it,  it has been tested on all recent browsers : all webGL activated are ok but Safari ( as far as I know)

Lets link to its website: www.panovisu.fr

I can help to translate if you don’t read or speak french !


There a personal demo of mine :

Litte Vr tour in Oudon, Loire Atlantique, france

Enjoy it , let me know any bug or problem, I would back them up to its dev !

Equirectangular panos to cubes with Blender

Baking equirectangular panos to cubes (or whatever you want) with Blender

While playing with Blender I’ve found a way to apply 360 panoramics images on a mesh; what’s the goal ? From my point of view there’s at least 3 :

  1. You can easily unfold the mesh, then print it out to make , hmmm for example,  something like that:  http://www.philohome.com/rhombicuboctahedron/rhombicuboctahedron.htm. This type of tasks normally needs a lot of work , using Hugin, templates .psd files etc etc..
  2. Transform it to a cube , in order to use it in a game.
  3. Playing with map projections ( why not? Should be a great game for geomaticians ;-p )
  4. Lire la suite