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Stretching equirectangular bottom field to patch nadir

Today I’ll share a little bash script I’ve done using imagemagick to patch equirectangular nadir :

#Fabrice Kerzerho 2017

while [ $# -gt 0 ];do
PWidth=$(identify -format « %w » $picture)
PHeight=$(identify -format « %h » $picture)
hauteurcrop=$(echo « $PHeight-($PHeight/9.6) »|bc)
echo « hauteurcrop : $hauteurcrop »

convert « $picture » -crop « $PWidth »x »$hauteurcrop »+0+0 temp_nadir_ball.tif

convert temp_nadir_ball.tif -crop « $PWidth »x »$stretch »+0+ »$(echo « $hauteurcrop »-« $stretch »|bc) » -resize « $PWidth »x »$(echo « $PHeight/9.6″|bc) »! -channel RGBA -blur 0x8 nadir-patch.tif

convert « $picture » -page +0+ »$hauteurcrop » nadir-patch.tif -flatten « ${picture%.*}-patch.jpg »

rm temp_nadir_ball.tif
rm nadir-patch.tif

I use it inside Thunar’s custom actions on lots of panos to produce and upload them quickly to google maps ( no really need to perform perfect personnal panos to such service, unless you’ve made them as a paid service ).

Let’s visualize the mapped result :

Perfect for quick panos production :-);

Testing WordPress WP-VR-VIEW plugin


I’ve just found this wordpress plugin from Alexander Tumanov which permits to visualize your hosted panos.

Let test it there for some still pictures of mines:

Well, it seems to do its job but no zoom on your view,
nor heading choice (while mine have xmp photosphere datas);

No problem in full screen ; but forget to put hotspots ;

Nevertheless it’s an « easy install » nice plugin for simple cases.

To compare with direct google services you can go on my google+ page :

FabKzo on Google +

SMIL Animated star button

Today one little thing;  I’m preparing  something bigger . I just need more time;

This is an animated star with SMIL attributes, even I know we can do it with ecmascript.

So I’ve tested there a synchronisation between all elements after an interaction with the visible star.

Well, if you want the interaction working well you have to implement it in a Html5 based page ,there you’ll have to display it full to see the animation; to adjust size and position change the height, width and viewBox parameters.

Study it to understand 🙂

You can do almost the same  with CSS3 I think, but with multiple images called, must be heavier than that…