Hi, this is another youtube demo where I’ve added ambient sound, taken with a rode microphone connected to my dslr. The goal was to calculate the whole processing time from panoshots to edited video.

I’m now used to make my panos from 18mm to almost 24mm focal lens ; I need to take 44 raw shots, process them in rawtherapee, then stitching in hugin for a 30000×15000 to 36000×18000 px pano.

( Why so large could be the question: because it can then be printable with a very good quality, not only used for web activities, as most of fisheyed or ‘ phone’ ones)

note that I had to muscle my computer to 32 Go Ram to let my optimised hugin calculate the resulting ~1.5 Go pano.

The shot process takes almost 15 minutes , from positionning to sound capture, depending on weather conditions ; then development to the resulted pano : not less than 1 hour to 2 hours ; and that’s not bracketed… I would buy a fisheye lens for that task, or I can make fake hdris by processing 3 or 5 images per raw file if needed.

Then consider 2 hours of resizing, mounting and rendering through Blender for a simple 2 minutes 360 4k videomontage, without any element integration

It can seems lot of time to get 1 pano usable for print, web, videos. To those who might say that I don’t need so many pixels to make videos : I know but why not , I could always use it when 16k displays should come 🙂 ; and I consider than affordable 360 4k cams will populate the world in the next 2-3 years, with a flood of wow-effects , non-attractive and boring subjects (you know, corporate films, ads, poor pop clips etc ….) where it would stay difficult to produce such resoluted « pano-boards ».