Making SVG+js presentations with sozi

Hi there,

Today I’ll just remind you Sozi’s existence , has a plugin for inkscape. That’s free and easy to use, no need to code, just do it graphically.

Very nice to make « Prezi-like » presentations ; you can add video and audio if you want, but just be sure that your browser(s) implement it well ( actually i’m a bit slow under firefox, very nice with chrome )

The top should be to make it as there:  but forget it, your « slides » won’t move like that;

If you’re more interested with javascript , also exists impress.js :

but a bit harder to understand.

The good point for using Sozi is that  it generates a SVG file , giving you the possibility to use it as a page, to implement it in a html page etc, etc…


There I call it with an iframe, as on sozi’s site ( ), to make it interactive and to adjust its size.


but you can also use this link to see it in fullscreen as an SVG page ( copy and paste in your browser) :


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  1. Romina Pinnola dit


    How is it possible to add a Sozi svg into a blog?
    I’ve found a little info about iframe, and that I have to enter the HTML code on blogger. But I really don’t know what that is. Are there any step by step tutorials?



    • fabkzo dit

      How could I show up my brand new sozi presentation in this blog?
      Since this blog don’t accept SVG as images, the only solution sould be to insert it as an iframe:

      You have to publish your Sozi svg prez. as an independant webpage; you can try it free if you don’t have your own site with made for webdesigners to test their webpages. Don’t know if it still works . I’ve tried it last year, and it was pretty good for what I wanted to do. You can just past your SVG as it , it will be recognized as an SVG page by your favorite( non-IE) browser – just prefer chrome and or firefox to be sure for it to work well.
      Then you’ll have to insert an iframe calling this page to your blog; I invite you to work on HTML code , but if you don’t what it is this is an example code:

      Just be sure to insert it as HTML code ; you have the choice at the top left corner of your blogger’s editing window.

      Then after a while ( almost 5 mins) it should just work 🙂 At this time I can see the contained iframe as editing this article.

      But you can also create a page dedicated to your SVG prez, very helpful if iframe doesn’t work :

      Create a new page, edit it as HTML ; then open your Sozi prez and copy/paste all to this blank page; then publish it; I presume you will have to « fight » with sizes in order to make it full display if you want it so…

      look there:

      Look at what you can do with other SVG stuff made with Inkscape:

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