I find it useful to be able to export a complete 3d scene (as a landscape)  to equirectangular view; that’s a proof of work from the modeler/designer since he should make all the scene, not only a portion for the camera, and it’s a way to offer immersion in the rendered scene. A complete UHK virtual tour can be done, for example, and portions of photos can be extracted from the panos- if needed for graphical uses- with few efforts.

Someone can also render the same scene from two equirectangular cameras spaced of almost 20 centimeters to convert it for an immersion helmet.

Multiled rendered scene


The original pano is only 10k px width – more needs more time from Blender to render it.  Pannellum 2 does the job to view it ;

This scenes has been downloaded from www.blenderswap.com ;

licence: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

credits to : hxwaraa

nota: Well, I think I’ve to adjust the camera height in this scene if I want to make it an adult view.

Would someone be interested in a tutorial from Blender to pannellum?