That’s not a new idea, someone has already given it a name: Qrcoderoulette;

the idea is to submit multiple QRCodes to the user who has to fall on the « right one » not pointing-for example- on an internet shock site, putting at risk the device scanning these codes.
But all this remained hopelessly static and require more display space on the concerned page. (Http://
I do not wish here to implement this type of practice, I take the idea in order to make -at choice: a game, a joke, a piece (!)
How to reuse the concept saving space, attracting the eye and interest?
Take inkscape, SMIL attributes, an Internet browser, mix them together and you get something like this:


Note: my animation is not perfect because there is a gap between two QRCodes. Image weight: 44.8 KB

Here 2 QRCode on 3 refer to the phrase “you’ve lost”, the other pointing “”; changing colors and animation are just there to spice up the game, this idea can be used for competitions, small gains etc etc …

Obviously we could do animation in javascript or .gif format, or anything else, I’ve chosen SMIL for its ‘natural’ implementation in most browsers (except IE of course, and it seems some browsers’ mini ‘smartphones like Opera mini), animations are part of the image and might not be blocked unless you decide not to display the picture.

In the case of these browsers that do not support SVG animations I propose converting it to video (. Ogg,. Webm,. Mp4). If you find a (simple) way to convert it to .gif just let me know.

Don’t forget to remove any way to easily determine which is the winning qrcode.

If you want to learn how to make yours, follow me there ==> Coming soon