Well I’m actually searching cool stuff concerning svg. So I’ve been searching on pypi all about SVG using pip in my terminal.

for those who don’t know it on a debian system:

sudo apt-get install python-pip


pip search svg 

You’ll find there a very nice little tool called ‘pixel2svg’

I was surprised of its interest but I consider it finally very useful : rather than trying to vectorize very little pictures ( like icons ) in Inkscape, or to completely re-do it , use it to keep the pixel-art-style  with great results.

Very simple to use, just like this:

pixel2svg.py eboy.png

I’ve taken a picture from EBOY ( http://hello.eboy.com/eboy/ ) to play with.

pixel-art ,icon size

pixel-art ,icon size

Let see the result:

resulting SVG

Then let’s play with it:

Make whatever you want now with a clean drawing



a styled pixel-art vecorized

give it the style you want

Before that I have tested the Inkscape’s vectorization tool :

Comparing pixel2svg vs inkscape's vectorization tool

Comparing pixel2svg vs inkscape’s vectorization tool


Tell me if it can also be useful to you , I wonder what you would be able to do with it 🙂

NB:  Now you can also apply this to Qrcodes . How ? Well… Have you ever tried to redirect one of them?